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Our dining team promises to educate and inspire every guest that comes to our table with a true, mindful, and rooted approach to food. Read about our leadership team below, and say hello when you see us around campus!

Gray Stone

Hospitality Services Director

Gray loves a good filet mignon. When he isn't working, he enjoys playing sudoku, working on cars, and playing video games. His favorite thing about Harvest Table Culinary Group is seeing the passion and creativity in everything we serve. Gray thinks it is "amazing having the ability to give our guests an exceptional product every day."

John Eller

Chef de Cuisine

John's favorite food is eggs! In his free time, he enjoys fishing and watching and reading anime. John enjoys working for Harvest Table Culinary Group because he can be creative!

Madison Fishler

Registered Dietitian

Some little known facts about Madison are that she loves college basketball and Trader Joe's. Her favorite meal is tacos! When summarizing Harvest Table Culinary Group, Madison feels "Innovative" is the best way to describe the company!

Eric King

Sous Chef

I've worked for Harvest Table Culinary Group for 3 years. I like Harvest Table Culinary Group for its promotions of clean eating habits. In my off time I love fishing and being with my family.

Julia Gist


Julia's favorite food is crab legs. She loves to eat out at new restaurants. What she likes most about Harvest Table Culinary Group is that the people are friendly, and they give out great opportunities to elevate.

Kendall Padgett

Sous Chef

I graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in 2009, and I have worked in fine dining, hotels, higher and lower education as well as business dining. In my free time I enjoy leather working, 3d printing, and reading. My favorite cuisine is southern food, and my favorite dish is fried catfish.

Sally Nifong

Catering Manager

Mom of 4 boys! I spend my spare time on my farm with my family. My husband and I have been married for 14 years. I love volunteering for Veteran groups and baking with my family. I love my job because I can be creative and our clients are always happy!

Shanta Chambers

Culinary Analyst

My favorite food is a nice Ribeye Steak. I love to ride on my husband's 2023 Harley Davidson Road Glide with him. What I like about Harvest Table Culinary Group is the healthy choices you can choose from.

Shayana Staten


My favorite food is seafood. The things I like to do is play video games and play the violin. What I like about Harvest Table Culinary Group is that everything is made from scratch and fresh.

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